mahoukyuachan (mahoukyuachan) wrote in daruma,


I'm having massive problems with my Japanese font packet thingy. I'm running on Windows XP. Every time I put my text into Japanese, none of the options show up. All that's there is the part that says it's in Japanese, the help box, caps option, kana option, minimize and the options arrow. There should be more options. For one, I should have the option to change to roomaji, half-width roomaji, katakana, half-width katakana and hiragana. I should also have the option to change the bias of my kanji to things like name bias, conversational bias, etc. I don't have any of that. The only thing I can write in is katakana, which, as most of you should know, isn't very useful. Has anyone had this problem? Can someone tell me what to do? Your help is greatly appreciated!!
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