sleepingandroid (sleepingandroid) wrote in daruma,

USED 日本語 (nihongo) books?

I hope this isn't off-topic, but I was wondering if people in this LJ community had some used Japanese Language books that they no longer need and want to either give away or sell at a lower price.

I live in LA, and usually purchase my language learning books from the local Kinokuniya bookstore. And over the years, it's come to my attention that they're usually VERY expensive.

If you have some books, or are looking for some specific books, maybe we can start a trade/buy/sell. A photo, and maybe a description of what the book is would be good, and if you have time, a comment on what makes it a good/bad book.

*if this is off-topic, I can delete it =)

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If this Book-Off is close to you, I highly suggest shopping there for used stuff. They buy books, too!
Hey... your icon... I like it. It looks like it's from Azumanga Daioh, but that character isn't familiar... is it some sort of fan work or something?
That's HARUHI!
Haruhi??? o.o I've only seen the animation, so maybe it's a character from the manga I do not know... hrmm...
No, HARUHI is not from AZUMANGA....... HARUHI is from HARUHI
Oh... I'm so confused >.
It's Haruhi Suzumiya, from the title "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" (suzumiya haruhi no yuutsu). The anime -- one of the more popular ones in Japan while it was running a few months ago -- is based on a series of really odd novels.

Oh, thanks!
Do they have a large selection of books for Japanese study?

I live not too close to it, but it's drive-able. I wanna check it out, but want to get an idea of how expansive their selection is.
Again, thanks for the suggestion! I headed to the BOOK-OFF in Gardena (Los Angeles), and it was a pretty good and bad experience.

Bad, because their Japanese Language study section barely takes up a shelf space, with about 30+ books, 99% of which is for very advanced students. These books were "pure kanji & no furigana" types of books, and most likely to be used by Advanced Reading students. I say 99%, coz I went ahead and bought the only book with furigana, and it looks like a cool book with short excerpts from Western stories like King Midas and Macbeth, but of course in Japanese language. There might have been another book or two like this left, so if anyone wants that, I suggest you head over there.

Good, because their prices are so cheap! It's kind of like the same as getting an discount, but the books are 80% in Japanese (they had a pretty good selection of english language books covering stuff like design, etc.), and you get to flip through them to see if they're worth the read, which is something you can't do, even with

Other than that, they do buy books too, but no for a lot. I sold about 15 books, half brand new, but only got $3. I didn't really care though, since I didn't want those books anymore.

Anyway, BOOK OFF is very recommended!

oof. Yeah... selection varies from store to store depending on who's been there and sold stuff. I was able to find some good deals the last time I went.

Sorry I didn't reply earlier!
Well THAT one is not close to me, but by jove theres one in my city! :) Thanks!